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The big hand is getting closer to midnight

Greetings Brethren, family and congregation.

Whether I should have written for Advent or the calendar year, there is so much pressure on us who are still able to be involved in The Lord’s Work, to get on with prayer and speed. None of us is getting younger, and we appear to have lost much of the influence we once had. Those who are wrong brethren, will never be right, regardless of how much they would like to be on the winning side. It’s not hard to be on the winning side, just needing each person to commit themselves to Christ and to be willing to share with the unsaved how important they think they are. (joking). God will not share His Glory.


Almost every letter, eMail or message I receive tells me how much they believe i the ability of God to meet the need of His  children, but still carry personal doubt in a suitcase as they travel to tell the unsaved about Christ.


After three months of VERY uncomfortable sickness, Ann, my wife has been healed and I continue to progress despite daily health hurdles. One of the most faithful of AIGW bondsmen has received some worrying news from Hospital Consultants, and though our Spirit tells us how easy it is so trust God four our futures, the devil reminds us that God does not tell us the detail and causes us to worry about things that are unlikely to happen.


We thank God for good news from South Africa where tasks are turned upside down every few days.Bishops fight each other for Prominence, giving the indication they are obedient servants, whilst litigating among the churches, which Scripture prohibits. Please remember PETER in the UK in your prayers and your colleagues wherever they are.