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AECI Archbishop of Europe – ++Clive – was designated to succeed ++Jorge Rodrigues, on his abdication as Arzobispo Primus of AICW in July 2013.
Primate Archbishop Clive Reginald Read, is Archbishop of Europe and other countries without an AICW representative. He lives in Jávea  on the Eastern coast of Spain’s Costa Blanca. He was ordained Deacon and Priest by ++Max Broussard.
He was consecrated Archbishop of Europe and Primate Archbishop of AICW.
1.      Archepiscopal Diocese of Christ the Good  
 Founded by Primate Archbishop Clive Read in memory of
Archbishop Max Broussard
2.      Province of The United Kingdom and Ireland  
 Archbishop Peter Younghusband is responsible for the Province and International Director of Evangelism.
3.    Extra Provincial Diocese of Argentina
The Most Revd Juan Alberto Penner Bishop Primate
 4.    Province of Brazil and Overseas  
Archbishop Provincial: The Most Rev Rui Costa Barbosa
Right Rev. Ricardo Vicente Dos Anjos – Diocese of Pará
Right Rev. Orvandil Moreira Barbosa – Diocese of West Central
Right Rev. Jefferson Nilton Santos – Bishop Prelate
Franciney Rogriguez Pantoja – Auxiliary Diocese of Pará
Right Rev. Jose Aparecido Marques – Diocese of South
Right Rev. Washington Luis Nascimento Santos – Diocese of Sergipe
Right Rev. Altamiro Pereira de Amaral – Diocese of Chapeco-SC
Right Rev. Alfreda Souza Dorea, Diocese of Bahia
Rev, Valdeli Martins Lopez – Deacon
Rev. Almiraldo Sidney Barraso Siqueira – Deacon
Rev. Pedro de Souza Ribeiro – Deacon
Rev. Carlos Ayres Santos Fonseca – Deacon
Rev. Nataneal Borges Dos Santos – Deacon
Rev. Fabio Machado – Deacon
Rev. Gessivaldo Souza Paes – Deacon
Rev. Aderson Oliveira da Silva – Deacon
Rev. Joäo Bosco Almeida Cruz – Priest
Rev.Joao Quartieri Filho – Priest
Rev. Francisco Folva Filho – Priest
Rev. Wagner Cipriano Arajújo – Priest
Rev. Paulo Felício – Priest
Rev. Elvino Matias Oliveira – Priest
Rev. Manoel Maria Ribeiro – Priest
Rev. José Messias Dias Matos – Priest
Rev. Jose Geraldo Maciel – Priest
Rev. Neivo Joao Bertuzzi – Priest
Rev. Fernandes Aguiar – Priest
Rev. Jaime Miguel Macedo da Dilva – Priest
Rev. Milton Menezes da Costa Neto – Priest
Rev. Oswaldo Luiz Botelho – Priest
Rev. Bruno Francisco D Santos E Silva – Priest
Rev. Helio Augusto de Varvalho Faria – Priest
Rev. Wanderson Rodrigo Pereira da Silva – Priest
Rev. Sebastiao Pereira da Silva Neto – Priest
Rev. Luis Thiago Moura Ferreira – Priest
Rev. Luis Antonio Gomes – Priest
Rev. Carlos Eduardo Jareck – Priest
Maria Lucia Bandeira da Costa – Deaconess with Athorised powers
Everaldo Makheiro de Souza – Religious
Right Rev. Carlos Victor Saladar Saurez – Archdeacon Argentina

 Diocese of Central Brazil

The Right Rev Dr Orvandil Moreira Barbosa,  Goiania – Goias

Diocese of Para  The Right Rev Ricardo dos Anjos, Ananindeua – PA

Diocese of Bahia  Bishop Elect The Very Rev Alfredo Dorea, Salvador – BA

Diocese of Sergipe The Right Rev Washington Luís Nascimento Santos  Aracaju – SE

Diocese of South

The Right Rev Jose Aparecido Marques, Pinhais (near Curitiba) – PR

Ortodox Prelacy The Right Rev Jefferson Nilson Santos. Curitiba – PR

Archdeaconry of Rio da Prata

The Very Rev Dr Carlos Victor Zalazar

Jose C. Paz – Buenos Aires – Argentina 

5. –   Province of Burundi  
Bishop Dieudonné Nitonde of the Episcopal Church in Burundi
has been recognised as responsible for development and support
of the Province of Burundi.
Burundi is said to be the centre of INTERNET SCAMMERS so be careful of donating.
6.- Province of Cameroon  
Although it is not a huge country, the AICW in Cameroon is represented
separately for French and English-speaking congregations.
Bishop Nicodème Nguelle, of The Diocese of Mblmayo, has offered to encourage
French-speaking congregations. <>
The new contact for English-language ministry is
Metropolitan Archbishop Alfred Ayuk, of the United Church of Cameroon,
7.- Province of Canada
This Province has jurisdiction over Canada
The Most Revd Enrique Aguilar Bishop President
8.-   Province of Chile  
 This Province has jurisdiction over Chile
Bishop Jorge Rodriguez Escobar
The Rt Revd Omar Ortiz Gajardo, Suffragan in Chile
9.-    Extra-Provincial Diocese of  Colombia  
Monseñor Humberto Campuzano Jimenez        <>
10.- Extra-Provincial Diocese of Medellín in Colombia  
The Rt Revd Humberto Campuzano Jimenez
The Rt. Revd. Eduardo Vega, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
11.- Extra Provincial Diocese of Ecuador  
Bishop Vicente Ney Valero Bishop Primate
12.- Province of Hyderabad India
This Province has jurisdiction over all India.
The Most Revd Daniyelu Kondury


13.- Province of North India

This Province currently has jurisdiction over churches

and Diocese in the North and South of India

The Most Revd Gunasekaran Samuel Archbishop ( India)
The Most Rev. Dr. Arulvazhi Nesan (India)
Rev. Allwin Roland (India)
Rev. Edward G Subramaniam (Malaysia)
Rev. Siva David (Malaysia)
Rev. Antony Simon (Srilanka)
Rev. Christopher Devadass (Singapore)
Rev. Moses Alagesan (Indonesia)
* * *
14.-    The AICW Province of Malawi 
Responsibility for the Province is held by

“Rev. Fr. Lawrence Chipoya” <

8 priests in the North

Maranatha Parish – Zomba City, Congregants 67, Elders 9

St. Paul Parish – Jali, Cngregants 145, Elders 8

Sunuzi station – Jali, Congregabts 55, Elders 4

Bakala Paris 0 Josiah Mteteks, Congregants 76, Elders 6

Nhatabay – New Saint Parish, Congregants 402, Elders 14, Deacons 4

and 7 in the South

St. Joseph Parish-Utongwe, Congregants 49, Elders 5

Bethel Parish-Magomero, Congregants 64, Elders 6

Makoka Station, Congregants 38, Elders 4

Ebenezzer Oarish – Chinseu, 86 Congregants, 7 Elders

Holy Trinity – Lisambi Bkhatabay, Congregants 73, Elders 7

Holy Cross Parish – Mangochi, Congregants 38, Elders 4

They have 11 priests who cover the needs

* * *

15.-    Province of Nigeria 
This Province has jurisdiction in Africa over Nigeria
The Most Revd Sunday Uahomo, Bishop President
16.- Province of South Africa 
The Church of Umzi Wase Tiyopiya – TR

Lahore, Pakistan



        Rt Revd LG Zondi – Bishop Ordinary and proposed co-Adjutor

The Very Reverend M Xego,  

Ven. MX Mazondwa,  Ven. N Gugu,  Ven. M Dosini,      

Canon Z Nogwaza,      Rev Fr V Geyi,    

Rev Fr M Manzana,  Rev L Mgedesi, 

Rev Fr X Mthimkhulu, 

Rev Fr P Nonyath,   Rev Fr B Nyanda,    

 Rev R Bali Rev M Twecu

Permanent Deaconess Nonte Pono



This former UK wartime fortress built 16 miles offshore to prevent many

German fighter aeroplanes in WWII and has been with AICW

for many, many, years. On 2nd September 2017 it celebrated

its 50th Anniversary. Rev Douglas Perkins and Audrey

represented the AICW and its Primate Archbishop



Ven M Yalezo Canon Ntlokwana, Rev Fr Ludidi Rev Nakani

These Parishes in the Diocese of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, are named after the Priests who had served this earthly church and now through faith are serving in the High Church.

21.-    Province of West Africa 
This Province has jurisdiction in West of Africa
Archbishop Solomon Okoro
who has also accepted the position of AICW Advisory Development Officer for the Continent of Africa
22.-   Province of Ogun Nigeria
The Rt Revd Gabriel Segun Ogunjobi Bishop President
23.- Province of Philippines
This Province has jurisdiction over the Philippines.
The Most Revd Vicente Dayagbil III Bishop Primus
The Rt Revd Egay C Dy
The Rt Revd Eustiquio Bohol
* * *