Bishop Dieudonné Nitonde (

A few weeks ago I circulated the fact that one of our brothers had renal failure and that he had no money to pay dialysis treatment. I pointed out that AICW had no funds – the Canons do not cover the subject of finance – but the Treasurer of the church I founded with Ann in 1992 (Jean Blackburn), created a fund where members of the congregation placed donations to help those on the mission field. It is from that fund that I was able to send 500$ US by Western Union to our brother in Burundi.

A former OXFAM worker who is a member of the Jávea congregation, pointed out to me that Burundi is the HQ of the World SCAM by internet, and I knew of people whose friends had received eMails alleging the writer was the victim of thieves and stranded in a foreign country, with the request always that the rescue money be remitted through Western Union.

Yesterday I received news from +Nitonde that the money had been received, together with a letter of thanks and receipt for the money from the Hospital.


I trust others among you will be able to assist.

I have no news from our brother Bishop in the UK is progressing, but please continue to pray for him. I wrote some weeks ago asking if I might reveal his identity, but have not had a replied.

Your brother in the work of evangelism