Easter challenge to AICW

As we reflect on the importance (and historical fact of ‘Good’ Friday), the Resurrection awaits us in a few hours. We cannot imagine the impact the sight of the Resurrected Saviour must have had on the first disciples and those who thought the ‘upstart’ had received His ‘just deserts’.

Today, many have lost (or never had) the sense of MIRACLE and AWE, not so much for US who have come to Faith in God through the Sinless and Resurrected Christ, but to neighbours who think Easter is about bunny rabbits, chocolate eggs and lambs. Our task for the coming year is to LIVE OUR FAITH in such a way that Christ is at one and the same time, dying for our forgiveness and risen for our eternal destiny.

There have been recent developments in Africa and God has brought about a change in the attitude of AICW Episcopal Clergy to relinquish what they might have thought was theirs (but were always His) into the care of others who are closer to the ‘point of need’ to provide local support and encouragement.

Our task is REMAIN FAITHFUL – and – LET HIM.

May the Power of God’s Holy Spirit, that raised our Saviour from the tomb, guide you and your family, clergy and congregations throughout the rest of this year

Thanks be to God for His grace in bringing you alongside the AICW family.