Looking back – and forward

Earlier this month I began the 11th year of my Episcopal responsibilities, a period that has seen my life change beyond anything I could have expected. Christians for whom I had great respect have either been expelled by my predecessor, or have set themselves up as Judge, Jury and Executioner to undermine those developments I believe the Holy Spirit was using me to bring about.

23 months ago I was discharged from hospital (and found out 9 months later sent home to die as I had not  responded to treatment) and find myself now – in my 77th year – with Rheumatoid Arthritis I’d not had before, and almost daily evidence of advancing years. There were those who said they believed my illness was a punishment for accepting the honour of Primate Archbishop of AICW, and who promised to pray daily for my forgiveness. What arrogance?

The ‘mess’ I inherited (and no blame is attributable to +Jorge Rodriguez in Chile) has proven much more difficult to resolve than I ever thought, considering my appointment was intended to bring about reunification of AICW and AECI. During the past few months there have been a number of unexpected developments in the AICW family, but it has been a year of consolidation and growth. It is my prayer that doors will continue to be opened during 2016 and our position within the Traditional Anglican community will be strengthened.

I was greatly encouraged by the recommitment of Archbishop Solomon Okoro to AICW, but saddened by the decision of Archbishop Bruce to resign as he felt unable to uphold our Canons where the ordination of women were concerned.

Ann and I assure you of our daily prayers for yours and the AICW family, and trust you will convey the sincere wish of AICW that each Province, Diocese, Church and congregation will find God to be their abundant Provider and Sustainer during 2016.

I look forward to receiving your news.