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My dear children

I suspect I am not alone in feeling that as the years advance the energy is reduced proportionately, I always said that I would die preaching in the pulpit, but God had other ideas. After I had finished my Sermon, and folded my notes, I suddenly found my lips mouthing out loud “I have an important announcement, from this moment I have resigned as Pastor of this church. It is a long story, but Jávea Evangelical Church was founded 22 years ago, and is NOT a member of AICW. I did not discuss the announcement with anyone (wife, son, congregation – or even God – because He knew that I would refuse to give up. He took the decision and mouthed the words through my lips. By the time I heard it, it was too late.

We are no longer from this weekend responsible for the Spanish version of THE WORD FOR TODAY by Bob Gass, after 20 years. We published our final edition of JÁVEA JEARD. It all became too much for us, following my multiple illnesses. Ann has also been very unwell, losing 22 Kgs of weight whilst Consultants argued over whether or not she was a Coeliac. She is, and allergic to GLUTEN that is used in baking and other food products.

We continue to grow as a Communion with three new applications in a week, Malawi, India and the Phillipines. The Vicar General of Malawi wrote (and I an grateful to His Grace Archbishop Peter McInnes of Australia for forwarding it to me:

Greetings from your flock in Malawi and I am Rev Fr. Joel Lewis Malanda Vicar General of the Malawi Province of Anglican Communion Worldwide.

I am Vicar General and was elected by the church when we established it in 2014 and they saw it fit because when I was in the Diocese of the Upper Shire Canterbury Anglican was Vicar General hence I am so.

The photos I have sent are of churches we have here in Malawi and we are growing from strength to strength.

We have women ministry called destiny women and south here their uniform is brown skirt and white short sleeve blouse while north is white skirt and white long sleeve blouse.

Youth too is active in the church. North has no priests currently, me and Fr. Michael Mtambo visit them but have candidates to be ordained we have no Bishop.

Fr Michael and I are two priests who were serving the church from its establishment until last year when we requested a bishop who is not Anglican to ordain the other six priests, we have Frs Lawrence Chipoya, Wilfred Kangoya, Beston Mitulo, Harrison Luka, Ganizani Makhuluzo and Bernard Kasanga to come to total number 8 priests.

We are very happy that we are now recognized worldwide.

We also humbly request the new logo from communion the one we have will not be in use from now.

Also all correspondence be addressed to the office of the Vicar General and we wish Your Grace the holy ghost continue leading you for the betterment of our church worldwide.

In His Vineyard

Rev Fr Joel Malanda

Vicar General

We are suffering heat of 40-50º but it is the humidity that folk are complaining about. I regret that these few words have taken so long to reach you, but my energy has ‘got up and went’. Please convey my episcopal greeting to your congregations.