The dysfunctional family

When +Jorge Rodriguez  appointed me to replace him after he abdicated as Primate Archbishop I looked forward to acting responsibly as the ‘father figure’  – but it seems more than two years have shown that the AICW is a dysfunctional family. I do not know if any of the AICW autonomous churches talk with each other, BUT I DO KNOW they do not communicate with me. If I write – I receive replies, but if I do not ask, I – and the rest of the AICW family – remain IGNORANT of the way your ministry is being blessed by Our Father in His wisdom and Generousity.

What is the point of my being the Primate Archbishop when none of the family members bother to communicate their news or prayer requests to me?  When I first joined the Independent Anglican family it was expected of me that I would send an update to AICW on EVERY ROGATION Sunday.

What point is there of a family of people who ignore each other?

Can I suggest that each of you UPDATE that Primate Archbishop at  on 24th March, 24th June, 29th September and 25th December, so that I can prepare a global report to encourage ALL family members?


Looking forward to hearing from you. Views expressed in CONFIDENCE will be respected.